Evelina Anttila and Karin Stålhandske join our board

At today's Annual General Meeting, Evelina Anttila and Karin Stålhandske were elected  as new members of the Board of Directors of GotYourBack AB, the parent company of the GOT YOUR BACK group. The former board members Anna Dyhre and Fredrik Båge declined re-election while Urban Båvestam was re-elected and re-appointed as Chairman of the Board.


Evelina Anttila is managing partner at venture capital company Wellstreet, and co-founder of legal tech company Justic. Her background includes roles as a lawyer focusing on mergers and acquisitions and as general counsel at an AI company. Evelina is also a board member of Kinda Brave and Maintract.


Karin Stålhandske is managing director of Loomis Sverige AB and has many years of experience in senior management positions, including as managing director for Upplands Motor Stockholm, as business area manager at Frösunda Omsorg, business area manager at ISS Facility Services and procurement and development manager at Coor Service Management. Karin is also a board member of the listed large cap company Bravida Holding AB.


Urban Båvestam, Chairman of the Board, comments:


"I am very pleased that we have been able to recruit Evelina and Karin to our board. Together they bring very valuable expertise in technology, finance, business development, organization and leadership, exactly the knowledge we will benefit greatly from when we take the next steps for GOT YOUR BACK.


Moreover, their personalities and values fit our culture, characterized by the values Empathy & Grit, very well. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna Dyhre and Fredrik Båge, for their appreciated contributions over the last three years. It has been a demanding but also very successful period with the development of our business where we have had great support from Anna and Fredrik."

Karin Stålhandske
Evelina Anttila